Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mexican Cornbread

Ok, so I use a website a lot to find deals in my area, and on her site she features "Menu Plan Monday," where she gives you a list of recipes and coupons to go with ingredients.  Well, I had never used the feature until today.  I decided to look to it for inspiration, and here is this week's menu plan.  Please browse her site too.  Sarah Roe is awesome (she's the Money Saving Queen) and her sister does the menus/ recipes (Mommy Hates Cooking).
First off, I would not call this Mexican Cornbread.  I would call this cornbread casserole.  Second, I made some changes, and in the future will make more changes.  Recipe is found here.  I added a bit of my own blend of taco seasoning to the meat and I did not use jalapenos.  Also, when it says put half of the mixture at the bottom, that's a little under a cup and a half.  I am the kind of person that hates to eyeball things! It came out relatively bland, so next time I think I will either use more taco seasoning, or I will not use beef at all and I will use a mild or even hot breakfast sausage because this dish kind of reminds me of grits and makes me think of breakfast.  I will also add some hot sauce (whatever kind you like; I like Louisiana) to the cornbread mix to the tune of about a teaspoon. Also, the meat/onion/pepper mix really needs salt.  It doesn't specify what size of cast iron skillet to use, but I didn't have one, so I used my oven safe Caphalon pan that is about 10' wide and about 2-3 inches deep.  It only cooked for about 50 minutes and it was done.


  1. Sounds delish!!!! I will have to try it after I get my boys eating more than pbjs!!!

  2. My 1, 2, and 3 year old loved it! And they kept asking for hot dogs!

  3. Sarah, I'm in love with your food blog! You are doing a great job and I'm so excited to try the Mexican cornbread and the Cincy Chili. This is a website I will be coming back to again and again. And not just because you're my friend! :-)