Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Version of DoubleTree Cookies

Ok, I can't put the recipe here, but I shall comment on it anyway. You can buy the recipe from Todd Wilbur's web site: Top Secret Recipes. I have not had DoubleTree Hotel cookies before, so I have no way to compare these, but they are still the best darn cookies ever. They have ground oats in them in stead of whole oats and that seems to make them stand up in the oven and not flatten. Yum Yum. You should buy the recipe for $.99. They're awesome. And sinful.  My best tip for cookie baking: refrigerate the dough while one batch is in the oven.  This helps the cookie to stay "tall" and not spread out too flat.  :)
Here's the recipe from Todd Wilbur, already published to another site.

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